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2021-09-23 By hqt

Best Standing Grow Light for Indoor Plants –Muizlux      

Standing grow light are available in many styles and designs and have different fitting styles. In this article, you would get to know about different grow lights. Plants’ growth rate is very slow especially in winter because in winter days are short and the sunlight is very low.

4 Heads Floor Plant Growing Lamps

If your indoor garden has windows that receive only few amounts of sunlight, how would you provide the inside plantation with light? Well, today everybody is aware of artificial light that does the job of the sun for your inside plantations. These days, standing grow lights are number one in the selling list.

If you are planning to plant edible plants then you should know their needs first. Mainly the vegetables and season flowers survive by absorbing 14 hours of sunlight. This means that you should enlighten them with light that fits them well. With standing grow lights, your plants will receive direct light. Now standing grow light evolved to be more advanced, having a lot of features that proved to be beneficial for your plantations.

Muizlux has a variety of standing grow lights, check out the products. Let’s discuss major types of standing grow lights for more understanding.

Standing floor lamp

It is a standing grow light with a very beautiful design. Standing grow light looks like a simple lamp but emits the required wide spectrum light. It is very capable for plants of large size.

 It doesn’t have a tricky installation method. Just stand it on the floor, plug in the switch and Yes it is ready to perform its job. It can enlighten only one or two big plants. It is not suitable for a large number of plantations.

Floor lamps have adjustable heights. One can increase its height up to 61 inches. What an easy and portable lamp!  Check out the Muizlux product section for exploring more types of floor lamps.

3-Clip tripod floor stand

Gardeners usually prefer this kind of stand, it is best for enlightening two or more plants. It stands above your plant, comes with aluminum panels that are tough and unbreakable. It has three lamps so one can adjust the face or height of light according to demand, 360° adjustable mode.

Modern technology with a time scheduling feature, just adjust its switch on and off time and also one can set up the light levels. Its body and clips are of premium quality material. It has LED light bulbs, using only a few wattages of electricity.

Our tripod stands are better than other local in the market that uses ordinary bulb. They release less heat, gentle on your plants.

Standing Light bulbs

Light bulbs are not so eye-catchy in design but are very worthy for plants that are not receiving suitable lights. If you are looking for a cheap alternative for your inside plants then my advice is to go for these standing light bulbs.

They are pocket-friendly and plant-friendly. Or one can use them as an extra light source for side plants where the light bar is unable to spread the light. In this way, all the plants would get an equal chance to grow.

Table lamp-LED Grow Light

Experiment on your home-plants with this kind of grow light. It is unique in design and enlightens your plants on the table. Many people have decorated their tables with plants, but due to insufficient light plants die. They feel very bad for them, so here is good news for the people who want to decorate their home with natural plants, all you people got to do is to get this lamp for your table plants. The bulb gives direct light to the plants or one can adjust its neck. Pretty in style and also budget-friendly. By spending few dollars, you can have this lamp for your baby plants.

Pendant-Style Standing Grow Light

If you are a home grower and just want to make your little house plants happy and healthy then these pendant-style lamps are appropriate.

Why I am suggesting it? When you install this pendant-style standing grow light above your little house plant, it would not look like a grow light. It rather enhances the beauty because of its chic and unique style. Don’t stress about the sizes, present in small to large sizes, the right fit for large or small home-plants.

4-Clip Adjustable Standing Grow light

It supports four lamps, thus covering the plants from all sides. 4 lamps use LED bulbs, releasing broad spectrum wavelengths. This results in increased yield.

One can control it with a remote. Such a handy control lamp! Sometimes intense light may warm up the environment, making plants thirsty. In such conditions, one can easily cool down the environment by customizing the heat levels. Thus in a stress-free atmosphere, plants use fewer nutrients and water. Thus such lights save a lot.

They are perfect and flawless stands for cannabis plantation. Muizlux is giving 1- year warranty on such stands. Also, it uses 1P44 waterproof grade, ideal for inside cultivation. Very simple to install, maintain and reinstall. Light dimming option is also a key feature.

4-Clip Adjustable standing grow lights are considered to be very latest and are the choice of many gardeners.


The short conclusion of this article is that standing grow lights are growers’ first choice these days. We have discussed a variety of standing grow lights. Purchase the light that suits your plant. Clip tripod lamps worked well than others and give your plants a healthy look. People are grabbing standing grow lights more and more because of their simple fitting.  It depends on you what kind of standing light you choose. My opinion is to grab that standing grow light, which is multi-featured and comes with a warranty.

If you are confused and want a suggestion you can contact us, tell us about your project, and share your plans with us. Muizlux is helping a lot of people with its products and services. Visit our product section and explore more kinds of standing grow lights.

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