Characteristics of Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Light

2021-10-13 By hqt

Characteristics of Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Light

These days LED grow lights are in demand. LED grow lights are suggested by many pro gardeners. Why do gardeners go for LED instead of other grow lights? The answer is that the grow lights range from classic to modern ones. In this upgraded world, everything needs to be upgraded. So, gardeners said goodbye to classic plant lights and switch to modern ones. LED uses technology that is advanced and is made gardening easy and simple. Plants germinate and bloom well in the presence of adequate light. But in indoor plantations, plants don’t absorb the sunlight. Well, the scientists have solved this issue and allow the gardeners to bring the sun anywhere. This is possible only with grow lights. Many categories of grow lights are available but today we will discuss our main category named Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Lamp.

Why are we suggesting Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Light?

We have compared this light with others and found this Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Light more appealing than others. We are suggesting you this light after doing complete research on it. So you don’t need to do any research on other websites. We are a manufacturer company and we know best about plant grow lights. It has passed our test and is now included in our top products.

We have tested its light intensity using different measures such as PPE and PPR and it gives an accurate rating that is best for any indoor plant. Intensity doesn’t mean that how extreme the light level is. The correct meaning of intensity is a number of photons it releases. Well, this one releases the correct amount of light photons to fulfill the demand of each plant.

It has passed the test of the spectrum. It generates a broad spectrum mainly of blue and red wavelength. Apart from other colors, these two color wavelength is appealing for better germination. And this Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Light generates the perfect color frequency, distributing light all over the plants equally. Equal light color frequency and intensity mean that your plants will mature equally. The given plant light is a complete package for house growers, they can use blue wavelength in the vegetation phase and simply switch to red light for the plants that need red light for flowers. This shows that this thing has easy light adjustment settings.

It uses less wattage power than other dual head-lamps. We measure and found that it uses at least 50W power and gives the most amount of light that will cover the sufficient area. We called it an energy saver lamp and it will be gentle on bills. Pick the light with less wattage and more intense light. It uses less power and covers more area -can cover one or two house plants.

While buying any light, you should check for intensity, spectrum, power, and coverage area. We have checked all these things in the Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Light. You can check yourself for your own satisfaction.

Primary Characteristics

  • One of its main characteristics is its timing feature. Well, this function allows the user to set the timer in three modes.
  • You can operate it with the help of a remote. Remote ensures easy time setting and light setting.
  • This Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Lights come in varieties and vary in features, some have 6 dimmable settings and others have 9 dimmable settings.
  • It will be ON and OFF on its own, you just need to manage the timer once.
  • It generates less heat thus it is kind to plants, old grow lights results in burring of plants by producing a huge level of heat.
  • Allowing you to give the exact light wavelength required for photosynthesis. The correct action spectrum will enhance the photosynthesis phenomenon.
  • Our dual head-lamps are robust and aluminum material is used in the body.
  • Such a sleek and portable structure that you can place it easily on a table or anywhere.
  • It will thoroughly enlighten plant babies, allowing them to make progress.
  • Three lighting modes mean that it has a red mode, blue mode, and full spectrum mode. With a single click on the remote, you can alternate between modes.
  • This has an operating temperature of about 20℃, thus it will maintain a cool atmosphere.
  • Proved effective for seeds germination, seeds will grow healthy under this light.
  • Not only for seeds but also for all other houseplants like dragon trees, peacock plants, rose, and succulent plants, etc.
  • The dual head-lamps are flexible and easily adjustable at any angle.

Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Light is becoming famous because with this thing you can do carefree indoor gardening. It will assist you as a gardening partner and will automatically start enlightening the plants at the specific time you set. In this way, you can go to work peacefully with no worries about plant lights. This doesn’t give consistent light; you can manage the intensity by using the dimming modes. In the nighttime, plants need to rest so just dim the lights according to the given plant species.

Bottom Line

Like many growers, you should bring into play the LED grow lights. If you are doing crop production at a large scale then you should go for LED light panels, bars, etc. But if growing is your hobby and you are growing plants for yourself, not for commercial use, then purchasing the Timing Function Dual Head LED Plant Growing Lamp would be cost-efficient. It will promote the growth cycle and yield cycle. You can alternate between any color spectrums depending on the growth phase. We hope you love our suggestion and you will consider it when buying any kind of lamp for your houseplants. You can pick this thing from our store. Muizlux has many finest quality products, contact our experts for any assistance.

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