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SM03 LED Grow Light Bar Achieve top quality and high yields of cut flowers, annuals and perennials and potted plants

Muizlux LED Bar is the product you ll need when light uniformity is key. It offers full flexibility in mounting the lights by using a separate c-profile. The result is optimal vertical light distribution and horizontal uniformity in cases where crop heights are limited or lower light levels are required. The linear range s efficacy boosts up to 3.2 μmol/J and has an option to dim the lights to let you set and adjust the light levels when you need to.

  • Input Voltage:AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Mounting Height:≥ 2" (5.08cm) Above Canopy
  • Thermal Management:Passive
  • Max. Ambient Temperature:95°F / 35°C
  • IP Rate:IP65
  • Power Factor:>90%
  • Certifications:ETL /DLC /CE/ROHS
  • PPE:2.5-3.2 umol/J

Power up when flexibility is key
● Uniform crops and convenient installation
● Muizlux Control System enables Dimming, Dimming and Switching spectrum
● Efficient output
● Reliable, low-maintenance design

With Muizlux solution you can easily adapt the color spectra and light levels of various dedicated light recipes to meet the needs of different crops and growth phases. By optimizing these parameters, you can improve the quality, consistency and yield of your fresh produce. You can also steer specific plant characteristics, such as compactness, color intensity and taste to fit local customer and market requirements.
Successful projects were installed in:
● High wire vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers
● Leafy greens and herbs: lettuce and basil
● Soft fruits: strawberries
● Floriculture: cut flowers, potted plants, bedding plants, annuals and perennials
● Propagation for floriculture and vegetables

What is the main application?
The growled tube main is used for indoor multi-layer planting and precious herbs, flowers, and other plants.
What is the main advantage?
Controllable, stable, and high-quality plant production;
Light formula for different plants;
Suitable for plants with different production characteristics;
Low heat dissipation for use in conditioned environments;
Modes for multi-tier planting;
Energy savings of up to 75% compared to fluorescent lighting.
How to control this led grow tube?
Easy management and control can be achieved through the MUIZLUX control system installed on a PC, tablet, or mobile phone only.
Is it easy to install?
The module is available in four different lengths: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm, and 150cm, which is easy to install on existing installations and does not require additional mounting clips.
How about the heat dissipation system?
Thanks to the advantages of LED technology and optimized heat dissipation design, Muizlux LED production modules to emit very little heat to plants.

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